Morris Hoodye: Prepare Fashion Design Portfolio

Morris Hoodye is a fashion designer who always dreams of becoming a professional fashion designer. Morris Hoodye started working on his portfolio in his college days. He did a few photo suits with a distinct photographer.


According to Mr. Hoodye, every aspiring fashion designer will have to make a design portfolio at some point. Here are some tips that help you in preparing a fashion design portfolio.


Apply for a design programme they should give a good ide of what they want to see in your portfolio. And if you want to apply for different positions then put more than one portfolio together. and always come up with organizing principles.

Compile Your Materials

Gather your material, Color samples, fabric swatches, investigative pieces, sketches everything. And then Showcase your strongest ideas. Pick out a selection of pieces or select best prices.

Complete Your Portfolio

Find a presentation case, presentation cases are like zip binders. Collage loose supplemental items together and glue them onto good paper. Arrange your works and supplemental materials. And at the end add written supplements.

Follow these steps shared by Morris Hoodye and prepare your fashion design portfolio.

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Morris Hoodye: How to Design Clothes Step by Step

Morris Hoodye is a fashion designer who has a good eye for colour and texture. Morris Hoodye also has technical skills and has the ability to spot and develop trends. He mainly focuses on analyzing trends in fabric and providing latest design to his customers.

Morris Hoodye_.jpg

Fashion designing is an exciting field. It takes a lot of work. Here in this post, Mr. Hoodye shared the tips that help you in designing clothes:

Assemble a Toolkit

Learn about drawing and do everyday practice. Most important thing to become a fashion designer you need to learn how to sew your designs so learn about sewing. Raed about designs read the theories od designs and do not limit yourself to studying fashion.

Learn about fashion by watching videos and pictures.

Thinking and Dreaming Up Designs
Firstly find your inspiration, what are you passionate about? Decide which type of fabric is good for your design to do you want stretchy material or something else. And then decide the color of the fabric.

Draw your Design
Before designing clothes it is necessary to think about how garments look on the body. So try to draw designs onto a human form.Sketch your design and then color it.


MorrisHoodye.jpgAfter drawing your design sew it and then sell your design for selling build a portfolio and use online resources.

Mr. Morris Hoodye always says if you want to sell your design the developing social media presence is important. So always be active on twitter, facebook Instagram and Tumblr.

Morris Hoodye: How to be a Fashion Icon

Morris Hoodye chooses a career in fashion. And being a fashion expert like Morris Hoodye requires dedication and time. And to become fashion icon you should look diverse and unique, becoming a fashion icon takes hard work, passion.

Morris Hoodye_.jpg
Here in this post, Morris Hoodye shares some ideas that help you in becoming a fashion icon:

Do Research
Learn what is the meaning of fashion icon. And along with understanding fashion stay up-to-date on current fashion. Make a list of words you want to describe your look. Do research on Google about the fashion icons. After searching icons select ones you would like to get inspiration from them. Also, d research on fashion history and most important thing stay up to date on fashion trends.

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Develop Your Style
Do experiment with your style, try something you would not normally wear. And get your words list and put it on the action. Take the risk and try different looks. If you know how to make clothing then it also helps you in becoming fashion icons. Do shopping at a wide variety of stores. And most important pick unique hairstyles.

Morris HoodyeStyle.jpg

Work Towards Success
It is necessary to develop the presence on social media so develop it to become the fashion icon. Make relationships with ones who are already in this industry. Educate yourself about new fashion. And always be confident.

According to Morris Hoodye confidence is the main key to become a fashion icon because people are like to notice you if you appear confident.